About Charly Mann...

Charly Mann Master Knife MakerWith 25 years of knife making experience, Charly Mann creates blades out of his Central Utah workshop that are both practical and beautiful. Designed to hold up to hard everyday use, each hand-crafted blade becomes a work of art through Mann’s exceptional skill and design sense. The attention to detail and quality can be seen in each knife he produces. Mann uses an exacting thermal cycling and zone tempering process to ensure the greatest possible performance of the steel. The level of workmanship he personally puts into each blade can easily be seen; each blade has a soul.

Mann became a knife maker out of necessity. While in the United States Special Forces, he tried many commercially available blades that failed, so he decided to craft his own. Through actively torture-testing his blades in the field, he landed on a beautifully designed, highly practical blade that could withstand the rigors of daily use by elite warriors. Soon, he was making knives for his fellow soldiers. He’s honored that since then his blades have traveled the world.

Since those first designs, Mann has developed a body of work illustrating tremendous depth and breadth. Just as in his military days, Mann continues to test and refine his blades, testing each new design to failure to ensure they will perform to the highest standards.

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